What does working well mean? How do you motivate a team, understand what the talents of each person are – including your own – and put them into action, so they can make the most of them? How can you be a responsible leader? Is it possible to develop virtues in the workplace?


JUMP - Job University Matching Project – was started to answer these questions. Questions that for the students were both important and often hidden: acquire the skills needed by the professional world and to put the theoretical foundations into action.


From the interdisciplinary form – team work, leadership, communication – specific for departments, JUMP helps to develop their talents, helps them learn to critically read people and situations, in a structured, modular and open educational path.

JUMP is a project designed to be of service to universities. It benefits from the patronage of the Università Cattolica and the Politecnico of Milano. 

JUMP is the bridge between the University and the working world; it is a testing ground for the future, open to all students of all departments. It is the gear that cannot be missing in tomorrow’s profession.


Go to the Residence of your choice to discover the JUMP Program.