From the Wi-Fi connection to the cleaning, the students living in the RUI Residences can find all of the necessary services so that in every moment of the day they can give their best.


The common areas, for studying as well as relaxing, are designed on the basis of the students needs: the study hall, library, computer room, gym, auditorium, group study rooms, living areas, lots of places to just talk and laugh together and to enjoy each others company. They are called common halls, but they are not.


Each residence has its own special features, all of them, however follow the same principle: the attention to details, so that students can truly feel at home.

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Bologna - Torleone

Milan - Castelbarco, MilanoAccademia, Torrescalla, Torriana, Viscontea

Genoa - Delle Peschiere, Capodifaro

Rome - RUI, Celimontano, Porta Nevia

Trieste - Rivalto

Verona - Pontenavi, Clivia

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