Since 1959 more than 10,000 students have lived in the RUI Residences and none of them have ever been a number, a parenthesis, a stranger.

Thousands of projects for the future: the strong presence of international students, innovative methods of personalized training, effective placement of RUI Alumni, promotion targeted at offering talented people the opportunity to live their university years in one of our residences.


Thousands of projects but only one objective, Continua on the same path, always looking forward, but carrying in our hearts the words of Saint Josemaría Escrivá, Founder of the Opus Dei.


“University people should be responsible citizens with a healthy concern for the problems of other people and a generous spirit which brings them to face these problems and to resolve them in the best possible way. It is the task of universities to foster these attitudes in their students. 


Words that in 1959 inspired a small group to realize a project that today is much more than their expectations: “Dream, and reality ,will be more beautiful than your dreams”.

RUI's history